Heather R. Riddles is an Engineering Research Associate and the Web Mistress of the Institute. She has been with the Shoreline Environmental Research Facility for going on five years. She started as a student worker preparing Gamma Spectroscopy samples in the Metals Lab and sampling the local beach waters for Texas Beach Watch. Within six months she became full-time during summers and branched out to many projects. Upon graduation, Heather became the Web Mistress of SERF, designing and building a new web site for the Institute. Heather also works for Physical Oceanographer Dr. William Schmitz Jr. as Web Master of Dr. Schmitz's online book on the Gulf of Mexico Circulation. She also performs technical editing and formatting for Dr. Schmitz,  and creates graphics for his online book and publications. In her years at SERF, Heather has worked extensively on the High Frequency (HF) Radar project, has designed and created many project websites for SERF, performs IT duties, and frequently works in the field. She also designed and built the Port Freeport Flow-Info PC, which collects the data from SERF's instruments in the Freeport ship channel and reads it text-to-speech over a phone line to aid ship captains and pilots in navigation.


Heather graduated Summa Cum Laude in Spring 2003 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology, and is a NASA scholar and a Desk and Derrick Scholar. In her spare time she likes to hang out with her Great Pyrenees "Griffin", practice Yoga, Garden, and jump out of perfectly good airplanes.


She has accepted a new job assignment in February 2006 with: VirTex Petrolium Company and now works as a Geologist. We Miss her.


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