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Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Division (TAMU-CS)


The laboratories at the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Division (Civil Engineering Dept) at TAMU-College Station contain equipment that can be used in many of the CBI projects. Facilities include offices, classrooms and laboratories that are housed in a complex of adjacent buildings at the northeast corner of the TAMU-CS campus. The complex includes the Wisenbaker Engineering Research Center (administrative offices, staff offices, heavy metal and trace organics lab, particle mediated transport lab, analytical instrumentation lab, oil and hazardous materials lab, remote data processing center, darkroom, graphics and cartography lab, multimedia lab), the Civil Engineering Building (classrooms, environmental quality labs), and the CE/TTI building (classrooms, laboratories, preparation rooms). These laboratories are well equipped with basic facilities and supplies such as (2) hospital grade autoclaves, walk–in refrigeration/freezers, compressed air, fume hoods, biological hoods, ultra–pure water systems, microscopes, balances, stir plates, shaker tables, water baths, plastics, and glassware. General laboratory equipment including laminar flow clean benches exhaust hoods, ovens, furnaces, analytical balances, pH and specific ion meters, soxhlet extractors, rotary evaporators, reflux apparatus.

Environmental Engineering Laboratories (at TAMU-College Station)


The environmental engineering laboratory includes equipment to develop and test data collection systems used in many of CBI projects.  The lab also has a test tank to deploy and test environmental sensors and collection systems.  The tank has the ability to simulate water level changes.


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