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SERF - Computer Network Inventory and Services


The Shoreline Environmental Research Facility is connected to the Internet via Texas A&M University Systems Wide Area Network (TAMUS-WAN).


SERF Communication and Computer Resources located in Corpus Christi


  1. SAG Quad Pentium Pro server running NT 4.0 for Exchange 5.5 Services.

  2. Dell 850mhz running Windows 2000 server for Remote Cube Network Proxy Services.

  3. SAG 500mhz running Windows 2003 Server for:

    1. Network Services

    2. Account Authentication

  4. Dell 900mhz running Windows 2000 server for:

    1. Print services

    2. Desktop and Server Tape Backup and Recovery

    3. Enterprise level Antivirus protection

    4. Network Scanner management

  5. Dell 1.7ghz running Windows 2000 server for MS SQL 2000 environmental database.

  6. Dell 1.4ghz running Windows 2000 Pro for MathWorks Matweb services.

  7. Dell 1.7ghz running Windows 2003 Web version for the CBI WWW site.

  8. Quantum 4100 Snap Server performing FTP services for projects.

  9. Quantum 4100 and 4200 Snap Server performing network file services

  10. Internal 802.llb wireless network secured by MAC addresses giving users up to 10mbs network access.

  11. Polycom SP H.323 protocol telvideo codex.


SERF Network Connection:

  1. Local Area Network (LAN) is a 100 Mbps full duplex network using 3Com 3300 switching technology.

  2. LAN protected by Cisco 515e Pix Firewall with DMZ and VPN configuration.

  3. Connection to the TAMUS-WAN is 100 Mbps via a Cisco 3600 router, utilizing a fibre optic connection.

  4. WAN connection provided by TAMUS-WAN to the Internet is via DS3 circuit capable of 45 Mbps bursts.


SERF Upgrades in Progress:

  1. Upgrade of SAG Quad Pentium Pro to Dell PowerEdge 2600 dual 1.8ghz processor server running Windows 2003 server and Exchange 2003.

  2. Move SQL services to Dell rack mounted dual 2.4ghz server with attached Dell PowerVault raid 5 drive enclosure.

  3. Upgrade Hardware of MathWorks MatWeb server.

  4. Consolidation of Network Services (DNS, DHCP, Authentication, Print, and Antivirus control) to failover redundant cluster on Windows 2003.


                             CBI Network Configuration and Connection

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Last Updated on November 4, 2005

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