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  • Please send me your questions as you encounter them, so I can build a "frequently asked questions" here for everyone to access, and customize the tutorials to better suit your needs.
My suggestions for getting started:
  • Browse some pages that are similar to what you want to build. Look at other project pages for ideas.
  • Read the tutorial, "Planning the structure of your website"
  • Gather your materials. Get together pdf files, text for the pages, and images that you would like to include on your webpage and organize them into folders. Basically you are gathering and taking stock of the ingredients you will use.
  • Make sure that you have authentication to edit pages (ask me or Lilo).
  • Make sure that you have FrontPage 2003 installed on your computer.
  • Browse the FrontPage 2003 tutorials before you get started, and keep them handy when you are ready to start.



Planning the structure of your website (pdf 97 KB)

Description: What to do before you even open FrontPage.


Making a PowerPoint presentation into a web presentation (pdf 1.1 MB)

Description: Allow your visitors to view your presentations on the web.

FrontPage 2000

Creating a Research Project Page (pdf 636 KB)


Creating hyperlinks on your page (For FP 2003, this section is included in the "Creating a Research Project Page" tutorial.) (pdf 286 KB)

FrontPage 2003

Standards and Formatting (html)

Download the pdf version (101 KB)

Description: What you can do to make your pages look like other SERF pages

Topics Included:

  • Giving the page a title to be displayed at the top of a browser

  • Formatting the colors of the page

  • Rollover Effects

  • Font

  • Paragraph Spacing

  • Adding and formatting Horizontal Lines

Creating Research Project Pages (html)

Download the pdf version (pdf 286 KB)

Description: Building a project page the easy way, using the template page.


Adding an image to your webpage (html)

Description: How to insert an image, make thumbnails, and mouse-over captions.

Download the pdf version (55.7 KB)


Linking to a pdf file or PowerPoint Presentation on your web page (html)

Download the pdf version (72 KB)


NEW Editing an Existing Webpage (html)

Download the pdf version (25 KB)


NEW Placing an Outlook Calendar on the Web (html)

Download the pdf version (46 KB)

Coming soon

Who Can Update Pages?

How Do I Update Pages?

Please feel free to e-mail the web mistress and ask questions or suggest specific topics that would be helpful for this page.

FrontPage links:

A Front Page Tutorial for the Class Room Environment (A fun, interactive tutorial that teaches you the basics)

Front Page World (All things about and relating to FrontPage, has some great tips and tricks)

FrontPage "How to" Site (Tons of information on building and editing pages)

Outfront Webmasters ("A FrontPage Learning Community" - great tutorials!)

Site Builder (Lots of great resources)


Last Updated on November 4, 2005

Web mistress

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